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Bexley U in Session

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2657 E. Broad Street Bexley, Ohio 43209 | (614) 231-2781
Sunburst! Contemporary worship: 9:00 am | Traditional worship: 11:00 am

For Our Guests

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    Why Nobody Wants to go to Church Anymore

    Our staff is reading the book, Why Nobody Wants to go to Church Anymore by Thom and Joani Schultz.

    The authors conducted hundreds of interviews, studied the culture and conducted research with people who are "unchurched", "de-churched" or just not interested in church.

    They discovered four main themes or reasons why these folks don't want to go to church. Perhaps you would agree with these reasons. The four recurring themes are:

    "I feel judged."
    "I don't want to be lectured. You don't care what I think."
    "Church people are a bunch of hypocrites."

    Light My Fire!

    Most everyone, regardless of age, knows something about The Doors' song, "Light My Fire." Sung by Jim Morrison, it's about desire and love of a man for a woman. It's a really great song; still played today. It's particularly fun when you can sing along to it, at the top of your lungs, usually in the car when you're alone and no one can hear you!